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Here you can find high-performance and high-quality veterinary ultrasound systems. Select the details of an ultrasound machine
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Chison ECO1 Vet portable ultrasound is an excellent cost-effective choice for a diagnostic tool. Offers a streamlined workflow, and a slim light design.

LED High-Resolution Screen
30 Degree Rotatable Monitor
One Key to Full Screen Mode

Flexible and Available at Fingertips - New Generation of Capability and Flexibility
Integrated with compact appearance, cutting-edge technology and intelligent workflow, Acclarix LX3 VET is to provide more valuable innovation.
Its excellent image performance plays an important role in the prevention and early detection in primary medical care, enriching the diagnostic application and enhancing the clinical value.

Experience Efficiency
Quick responsiveness, advanced technology and easy to use interface maximize your diagnostic efficiency.

Zero-click technology helps save you time and advanced imaging quality helps you diagnose with confidence.

Esaote’s new MyLab™SigmaVET is the smart, portable solution that allows use of an ultrasound whenever a quick and complete diagnosis is required.

MyLab™SigmaVET - Features
Dedicated VET software and probes
Windows® 10
Quick start-up
Full-screen visualization
Highly responsive capacitive touchscreen

SonoScape E1V
Exactly to Your Need
The E1V Portable ultrasound diagnostic system is a new generation of black and white product from SonoScape. Packed with professional veterinary software and measurement packages catering to a wide variety of animals ranging from small house pets to large livestock animals allows the E1V to accomplish all of you B/W ultrasound needs. Its high contrast image quality and efficient workflow improves ...

A brand-new portable ultrasound system E3, brings you a distinct experience with SonoScape’s traditional imaging technologies. E3’s accurate B mode and sensitive colour signal give crisp, detailed images to improve your scanning experience while increasing your diagnostic confidence.

SonoScape X3V
Small Size, Smart Sight
SonoScape’s laptop style color Doppler ultrasound system is designed as the go to ultrasound in any setting. Due to its small size, light weight and impressive durability the X3V is at home anywhere, at the bedside or abroad in the field. Packed with user friendly image enhancement technology inside this small laptop system makes it the ideal system for use at anytime.