ultrasound used

You can find here a large selection of our high-class and under very attractive conditions offered used ultrasound systems. All of those ultrasound systems are refurbished technically and optically and also tested on-site by us. The associated ultrasound probes are checked, refurbished and disinfected. The ultrasound systems and probes have been proved by the known safety inspection (STK in Germany) and of course we grant you at least a 6-months warranty. 

ultrasound used

Edan Acclarix AX3 Portable Color Doppler, Used Ultrasoundsystem
Year of manufacture 2020

C5-2Q Convex Ultrasoundprobe
L12-5Q Linear Ultrasoundprobe

The Masterpiece for Point-of-Care Ultrasound
Alone with the unique dual - sockets inspiration in a 4.5kg lightweight magnesium alloy body, the remarkable Acclarix AX3 Compact Ultrasound System...

Demo system built in 2021 with convex or linear ultrasound probe

The U50 is a cost-effective, portable color Doppler diagnostic ultrasound system. Characterized by user-friendly workflow, the U50 offers excellent image quality and reliable performance delivering high diagnostic confidence. An optional lithium battery provides 90 minutes of operation between charging. Available with transducer and measurement packages ...

Esaote MyLab X5 Demosystem
Year of manufacture 2021
Software Evo 3.0
AC2541 Convex Ultrasoundprobe
L4-15 Linear Ultrasoundprobe

With Esaote’s new MyLab™X5, has become so smart and simple, you will no longer need to worry about time-consuming adjustments. ...

Esaote MyLab X6 Demosystem
Year of manufacture 2021
Software Evo 3.0
AC2541 Conves Ultrasoundprobe
L4-15 Linear Ultrasoundprobe
P1-5 Phased Array Ultrasoundprobe

Esaote’s new MyLab™X6 makes your workflow so efficient and smooth, it does not only increase...

GE Logiq E9 XDclear used ultrasound system
YOM: 2013
Software: R4
19" Monitor
Ultrasound probes:
RAB4-8D 3D/4D Convex volumen probe
C1-6-D Convex ultrasound probe
9L-D Linear ultrasound probe
IC5-9-D Vaginal ultrasound probe
M5S-D Matrix Phased Array ultrasound probe

GE Vivid E9 XDclear Ultrasound System refurbished
YOM: 2011, 2013 or 2014
Software: R6 ref 113

Ultrasoud probes:
M5S-D Phased Array Ultrasound Probe
9L-D Linear Ultrasound Probe

Further Ultrasound probes available on request.

GE Vivid S70
Refurbished Ultrasoundsystem
Year of manufacture 2016

Application Software
version 202 revision 81.0
System Software
version 202.21.4

C2-6 Convex Ultrasoundprobe
9L Linear Ultrasoundprobe
M5Sc Phased Array Ultrasoundprobe

Welcome to the Vivid™ S70 from GE Healthcare - a portable, robust system with 4D TEE capability that takes cardiova...

GE Voluson E10 Ultrasoundsystem, used
Year of Construction: 2016
Software: BT16
Ultrasound Transducer:
RM6C-D Convex 4D Ultrasound
Transducer (YOM 2018)
RIC5-9D Vaginal 4D Ultrasound Transducer (YOM 2017)
C4-8D Convex Ultrasound Transducer

GE Voluson E8
Year of manufacture 2014
Software BT13.5 / BT14
Refurbished Ultrasoundsystem
RAB 6-D 4D Convex Ultrasoundprobe (YOM 2016)
RIC 5-9D 4D Vaginal Ultrasoundprobe (YOM 2017)

As your patient volume increases and your clinical cases become more complex, you will require an ultrasound system that enables ...

GE Voluson S10 refurbished Ultrasoundsystem
Year of manufacture August 2016
Softwate BT16
12L RS Linear Ultrasoundprobe
RAB 6-RS Convex 4D Ultrasoundprobe
RIC 5-9A-RS Vaginal 4D Ultrasoundprobe

Combining decades of experience in women’s imaging with forward-thinking technologies, the Voluson S10 offers both clinical excellence and true investment value for the advanced ultrasound user.

Hitachi Arietta V70
Ultrasoundsystem, used
Year of construction : 2016

Ultrasound Probes:
L55 Linear Ultrasound Probe
C41V1 Vaginal Ultrasound Probe
C25-1 Convex Ultrasound Probe

Philips Affiniti 50
Year of manufacture March 2019

V6-2 3D/4D Convex Volumen Ultrasoundprobe
L12-5 50 Linear Ultrasoundprobe
C9-4v Vaginal Ultrasoundprobe

Philips Affiniti 50 ultrasound system helps you achieve this balance. It delivers outstanding ...

Philips Affiniti 70
used Ultrasoundsystem
Year of manufacture 2016

C9-2 Convex Ultrasoundprobe
L12-5 50 Linear Ultrasoundprobe
C9-4v Vaginal Ultrasoundprobe

The Affiniti 70 ultrasound system offers a powerful combination of performance and workflow for quick, confident diagnosis.

Samsung HS50 Refurbished Ultrasoundsystem
Year of manufacture 2017
CV1-8AD 4D Convex Ultrasoundprobe
ER4-9 Transvaginal Ultrasoundprobe
Included Options
4D, Realistic Vue, Multivision and DICOM

The HS50 uses Samsung's innovative imaging engine and single crystal transducer technology...

Samsung HS60
Year of manufacture March 2018
Refurbished August 2021
CV1-8AD 4D Convex Ultrasoundprobe
EA2-11B Transvaginal Ultrasoundprobe
Included options
4D, 3D XI, Realistic Vue, HDVI and Dicom

Samsung’s commitment to life-long healthcare for Women
To overcome the challenges women face and prepare for a better future,...

Samsung HS70A
Year of manufacture September 2016
Installation 2017
Software 1.01

CA2-8A Convex Ultrasoundprobe
CV1-8A Convex 4D Ultrasoundprobe
PE2-4 Phased Array Ultrasoundprobe

The Samsung HS70A is a high-end diagnostic ultrasound system ...

Siemens Acuson Juniper
Year of manufacture March 2019
Cardiology package
Ultrasound Probes
5P1 Phased Array Ultrasound Probe
12L3 Linear Ultrasound Probe

The ACUSON Juniper Ultrasound System is a high-performance, shared service system that empowers you to image every patient with great diagnostic confidence. ...

Siemens ACUSON NX 2
Year of manufacture July 2020
Installation 2021
Software VA11F
C5-2 Convex Ultrasoundprobe
L10-5V Linear Ultrasoundprobe
P4-2 Phased Array Ultrasoundprobe

Siemens ACUSON NX2 Ultrasoundsystem, New system with 21,5" LED-Monitor, ...

Siemens ACUSON NX3 used Ultrasoundsystem
Leasing return
Year of manufacture August 2016

CH5-2 Convex Ultrasoundprobe
VF10-5 Linear Ultrasoundprobe

Built specifically around the way you work, the ACUSON NX3™ series ultrasound systems are simple and uncomplicated, yet powerful.

Siemens ACUSON S2000 HELX Evolution with Touch Control
Year of manufacture December 2015
Software VE10B
Refurbished Ultrasoundsystem
Cardiovascular System with Shear Wave Elastography

9L4 Linear Ultrasoundprobe
4V1c Phased Array Ultrasoundprobe
Further Ultrasoundprobes available

Siemens ACUSON SC2000 4D card used ultrasound system
Year of manufacture 2016, Software 3.5 (VA30E)
4D Volumen probe Phased Array 4Z1c
2D Phased Array 4V1c

The applications for precise cardiac echo continue to grow. The ACUSON SC2000 is the cardiovascular ultrasound solution that performs...

Year of manufacture December 2020
Used unit / Demonstration unit
4v1c Phased Array Ultrasound Probe
9L4 Linear Ultrasound Probe
Optional V5M TEE ultrasound probe or Z6MS 4D TEE ultrasound probe

Leasing offer: 650,00€ net - term 48 months

Introducing the complete Structural Heart Disease solution – with precision at the speed of life...

Siemens ACUSON X150 Colour Doppler Ultrasoundsystem, refurbished
Year of construction: 2012
VF10-5 Linear ultrasound probe

The ACUSON X150 system integrates state-of-the-art imaging technologies to address a wider range of patient needs and clinical applications.

Siemens ACUSON X300 PE Software: 7.5 refurbished Color Doppler Ultrasoundsystems
YOM 2013, Installation 2014
YOM June 2014, Installation 2015
YOM Okt 2014, Installation 2015
YOM Januar 2016, Installation 2017

Available ultrasoundprobes:
CH5-2 Convex ultrasoundprobe
C6-2 Convex ultrasoundprobe
VF10-5 Linear ultrasoundprobe
VF8-3 Linear ultrasoundprobe...

Siemens ACUSON X600
Used Ultrasound System
Year of manufacture 2016

C6F2 Volumen Ultrasoundprobe
EV9F3 Endovaginal Ultrsoundoprobe
VF10-5 Linear Ultrasoundprobe
further Ultrasoundprobes available

Get the best of what matters most with the ACUSON X600 ultrasound system
When it comes to ultrasound systems, we believe some things – such as image...

Siemens ACUSON X700
Year of manufacture 2018

Refurbished System

4C1 Convex Ultrasoundprobe
VF10-5 Linear Ultrasoundprobe
4V1c Vaginal Ultrasoundprobe

The Siemens ACUSON X700 ultrasound system delivers a whole new imaging experience.

SonoScape E2
Year of manufacture 2022
Software R1.0
3C-A Convex Ultrasoundprobe
L741 Linear Ultrasoundprobe

E2 is a color Doppler ultrasound system that reaches beyond your expectations...

SonoScape P10 Ultrasoundsystem
Year of manufacture 2022

3C-A Convex Ultrasoundprobe
L741 Linear Ultrasoundprobe

The P10 color Doppler ultrasound system is designed to provide our clinicians with high quality images, abundant probe selection, various clinical tools...

SonoScape P20 Ultrasoundsystem
Year of manufacture 2021

Convex, Linear and Endovaginal Ultrasoundprobes available

Incorporating innovative technologies, P20’s user-friendly designed with a simple operation panel, intuitive user interface and a variety of intelligent auxiliary scanning tools, will significantly improve your daily...

SonoScape X3
Year of manufacture 2021
Software R1.0

3C-A Convex Ultrasoundprobe
L741 Linear Ultrasoundprobe
3P-A Phased Array Ultrasoundprobe

Revolutionizing ultrasound scanning, the hand-carried color...