ultrasound probes and accessories

We are able to offer you the appropriate ultrasound probes for our used and new ultrasound devices. We have in stock new ultrasound transducers for your ultrasound systems but can offer you also used ultrasound probes in good quality and for a very good price. We advice you gladly, which probes are appropriate for your need, your sector and your ultrasound systems.

As we are able to repair in some cases the probes, costs can be reduced, because the substitution of defect probes is often very expensive.
Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or by email.

To complete our product offering for you, we offer you of course for each of our sonography equipment the right accessories. Let our ultrasound specialist’s advice you about software licenses and operating systems, keyboard overlays and other accessories and consumables such as disinfectant wipes, gel bottles, printer and printer paper. We're here to help.
We can offer you ultrasound probes for devices from the following manufacturers:

Under the menu items: Software licenses and operating systems, keyboard overlays and other accessories you can find our current offers.

Cleaning of ultrasound probes

A correct cleaning and care is important, so that you have pleasure with your probes for a long time. We suggest to use non-alcoholic disinfectant wipes. For example the Cleanisept® Wipes of Dr. Schumacher GmbH.