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Current offers for new and used ultrasoundsystems.

Siemens ACUSON X300 PE 7.5

Siemens ACUSON X300 PE, Software version: 7.5, refurbished in 2019, YOM 2009,
with 15" Monitor, Dimaque Workstation, DVD-writer, fourSight™ 4D Imaging, THI, DCTE, C7F2 Volume probe and EC9-4 Endovaginal probe
for 9.900 € plus VAT

Siemens ACUSON Sequoia C512

used / refurbished colourdoppler ultrasoundsystem Siemens ACUSON SEQUOIA C512 with Cardiologypacket
Year of manufacture: 2009
with 6C2 Convex probe, 4V1c Phased Array probe and 6L3 Linear probe
for 10.000 € plus VAT

Siemens SONOLINE G50

refurbished colourdoppler ultrasound system
Version 2.0, yom: 2005
with C5 -2 Convex probe, 7.5270 Linear probe, P93 b/w Printer, THI
for 3500 € Netprice


portable b/w ultrasound system with PW-Doppler
12" 30° rotatable LED-Monitor, 2 probe connectors, Built-in battery with up to 2,5 hours run-time...

Siemens SONOLINE G40

used colourdoppler ultrasound system; Year of manufacture: May 2005, refurbished in December 2014, Softwareversion: 2.0,
Choose your configuration and the probes!
for example:CH5-2 Convex Array for abdomen and VF10-5 Linear probe for vascular, muscles, or orthopedics

with one ultrasound probe (convex or linear)
for 5.900,00 € plus VAT

Siemens ACUSON X700

Siemens ACUSON X700 refurbished system
YOM: August 2016
with 4C1 convex probe, VF12-4 linear probe, 4V1c phased array probe

price 14.000€