SIUI ultrasound devices

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SIUI Ultrasound Systems

Smart Enough to Guarantee Your Diagnosis
Equipped with the intelligent processing technology, Apogee 6300 delivers excellent image quality at a high working efficiency. Innovative solutions shape a higher value with comprehensive clinical functions and powerful database. Endowed with a slim and ergonomic design, it is smart enough to guarantee your diagnosis.

Apogee 5300 offers innovative imaging technology to boost your diagnosis confidence and comprehensive clinical solutions to enable easy diagnosis.

Ergonomic appearance
Swivel keyboard and monitor
High resolution color monitor
19‐inch LCD monitor
10.4‐inch touch screen
Backlit keyboard, 8 TGC
Four active probe connectors...

Apogee 2300 is SIUI's latest product with new fashion design combined with advanced imaging technology such as MFI VS-Flow Nanoview XBeam etc. Also equipped with full-functional application packages like 4D CW TDI even Elastography and user-oriented workflow we do believe that new Apogee 2300 will enhance your daily diagnostic value with portability.

Limited with budget or dazzled with different choice in the market doctors who want to have the first Color Ultrasound System now have a good chance to upgrade their modality.
SIUI’s new Apogee 2100 which is compact designed and transplanted leading imaging technology from high-end models will be your preferred entry-level Color Doppler System.

Featuring advanced imaging technology incorporate in compact hardware Apogee1000 Neo provided uncompromised image quality versatility and mobility. With full-functional packages completer transducer family and user-orientated accessories like Li-ion battery mini desktop probe extender and luxury trolley Apogee1000 Neo is the smart choice to benefit the diagnosis no matter in clinic operation room and etc.