Service and repair

As a medical doctor you are dependent on faultlessly functioning diagnostic equipment. However, if the technology strikes once, we are there for you. Whether you are new or used, purchased in our company or elsewhere, we take care of fast, careful maintenance and repair of your ultrasound, ultrasound, ECG and other devices.

Thanks to regular training, our experienced service technicians always work according to the latest standards and ensure that your diagnostic equipment is always professionally repaired and manufactured according to manufacturing specifications. Our extensive stock of spare parts allows for speedy repair. However, if this takes a long time, we will of course provide you with a suitable loan for bridging.

Maintenance and safety control

In order to maintain the performance of your medical devices and to ensure the safety of your patients, regular maintenance is indispensable. Against the lawmaker, you as an operator are under obligation: The Medical Devices Act requires at least every two years a review of certain systems, the Safety Control (STK). This applies, for example, to ECG, stimulus therapy and ultrasound equipment as well as defibrillators. In addition, for some devices, such as the measurement of blood pressure, there is the obligation of measurement control (MTK, former calibration). Non-medical electrical products within the clinic or clinic must also be regularly checked in accordance with accident prevention regulations (UVV).

We are happy to advise you on the exact requirements applicable to your equipment, and to implement all required control measures quickly. This allows you to rely on your equipment and concentrate on your daily business.

We offer maintenance and repair services that are precisely tailored to your needs - far beyond the minimum requirements of safety and measurement control. Our specially trained technicians test your device thoroughly. This includes the careful inspection of the software and hardware, the safeguarding of the data, in particular the examination of the homogeneity of the crystals, the performance of integrated system checks as well as the removal of dust deposits to protect against overheating.

This ensures that your data and attitudes are not lost, as is a detailed maintenance protocol, which allows you to prove your obligations to the legislature.

By the way: With our carefree packages, you do not have to worry about anything else and have all costs in the long term in view. We ensure that your medical equipment is always up-to-date, meets all safety requirements and provides reliable results. We would be pleased to provide you with an individual maintenance program for your practice or clinic. Contact us!

Probe repair

Ultrasonic probes are sensitive electronic components, which are subjected to daily mechanical stress. This also leads to wear and tear or even damage when used properly. Often, however, the valuable components can be repaired by repair, thus saving costs. We would be pleased to check this with an accurate, free analysis of your probes, in particular the processed crystals with regard to homogeneity and sharpness as well as the tightness of the coating.

If a repair is no longer possible, you will be able to request replacement parts. In addition to new-quality ultrasound probes, we also offer you cost-effective used products from all well-known manufacturers, which have been completely reprocessed and meet all safety requirements. We're here to help!

Our service and repair services at a glance

  • Shipping, pickup and delivery service
  • Technical service and comprehensive maintenance
  • Safety-related controls (STK) according to MPG (MPBetreibV §6)
  • Measurement controls according to MPG
  • Treatment of used medical equipment