Demonstration systems and used ultrasound devices

Siemens ACUSON Redwood

Demonstration systems and used ultrasound systems

Year of manufacture 2019

Ultrasound probes freely configurable


Siemens ACUSON Redwood Ultrasound System

Ultrasound reimagined

Managing the costs of treating the chronic diseases of a growing aging population requires an ultrasound system that delivers on all fronts.

The ACUSON Redwood ultrasound system is a premium ultrasound system that delivers detailed image quality, advanced technologies and greater workflow efficiency.

Imaging that inspires confidence

  • Coherence imaging for uniform focus.
    Improved alignment thanks to image formation based on phase and amplitude information enables high resolution and extends the dynamic range by up to 18 dB, resulting in higher image quality compared to conventional1 ultrasound systems.
  • Transducers with piezoelectric single crystal design for high sensitivity
    At the heart of every transducer is piezoelectric material. Single crystal designs offer improved sensitivity and bandwidth exactly where they are most likely to be needed in clinical applications for abdominal and cardiac transducers. Wider bandwidths enable harmonic imaging, axial resolution, and high sensitivity for greater depth of penetration and clear imaging.
  • UltraArt for high sensitivity / quad display
    With UltraArt, the innovative universal imaging solution from Siemens Healthineers, you can use ultrasound according to your needs. Select the desired image settings simply by touching a button in the real-time quad display on the touchscreen. Improve contrast resolution of different anatomical structures and increase examination quality and consistency across users by avoiding impractical combinations of individual post-processing parameters.
  • Reduce workload with AutoTEQ
    With AutoTEQ, a tissue balancing technology, relevant parameters are automatically optimized, minimizing operator adjustments. Multiple acquisition parameters, such as gain, speed settings and wall filters, are available in both B-mode and PW display modes.
  • Intelligent workflow for high efficiency
    To reduce system downtime, Siemens Healthineers provides a range of remote platforms and services to help maximize system performance, ensure safety and increase system availability.
  • 1-Click Registration
    Artificial intelligence (AI)-based tools.
    A comprehensive range of 13 transducers that can be used to support a variety of clinical application areas

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