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The Samsung HS40 is an economy multi-purpose diagnostic ultrasound system designed to cover a wide range of applications including obstetrics, abdominal, gynecology, pediatric, small organs, neonatal cephalic, adult cephalic, trans-rectal, trans-vaginal, MSK (conventional, superficial), urology, adult cardiac, and peripheral vessel.

The Samsung HS40 is empowered by the “S-Vision Imaging Engine” featuring 64 transmitting channels, and is equipped with a number of high performing hardware such as a 21.5″ LED monitor, a fully customizable 10.1″ LED touchscreen, 3 active probe ports (with a 4th as an option), convex and endocavity volume transducers (VN4-8, V5-9), and a broad bandwidth linear array transducer (LA3-16A). These transducers effectively cover a wide array of clinical requirements, thanks to their low to high bandwidth frequency coverage.

Realistic Vue is Samsung’s leading 3D/4D technology on the market, and is an outstanding fetal-maternal bonding tool similar to GE’s HDlive. The HS40 also supports the unique and automated 5D NT and 5D Follicle features along with XI STIC and 3D XI. These technologies will help enhance the physician’s diagnostic confidence during pre-gestation to pregnancy stages.

Although the Samsung HS40 is not targeting the cardiovascular market, it is still competitive as an economy system with Strain+ (Automated LH measurement based on 2D speckle strain technology), Auto IMT, cardiac S/W, TDI, and CW. Along with its wide range linear array transducer and its General Imaging features such as Elastoscan, Panoramic, and Needle Mate+, the HS40 adequately meets the fundamental requirements of interventional procedures.

User-friendly design

  • 21.5 inch LCD monitor (LED backlight unit)
    The HS40 features a 21.5 inch LCD monitor (LED backlight unit), delivering excellent contrast resolution, image clarity and vibrant color in any lighting condition.
  • 10.1-inch touchscreen
    The Samsung 10.1-inch touchscreen is highly sensitive, allowing for an efficient interaction during the examination.
  • Solid State Drive (SSD)
    The HS40 uses Samsung’s advanced solid state drives. These stable and dependable drives allow faster bootup, better frame rates, and fast processing speeds.
  • Rear tray
    HS40’s rear tray provides extra storage space for the endocavity transducer and other items.
  • Gel warmer
    Two-level adjustable gel warmer maintains ultrasound gel at a comfortable temperature.
  • Low noise
    This exceptionally quiet device allows physical exams to be performed, including auscultation, while the ultrasound system is turned on.
  • Height-adjustable operating panel
    Adjust the operating panel to your preferred height without straining, thanks to the smooth upward and downward motion of the gas lift.
  • Endocavity transducer holder
    HS40 features an endocavity transducer holder, side-mounted on the console for convenience when performing gynecological scanning.
  • Articulating monitor arm
    With a wide range of motion, the fully articulating monitor arm adapts to your changing needs.
  • Side storage
    The side storage is ideal for storing a tablet, patient charts, or other items that you need to keep close at hand.

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