Color Doppler Ultrasound Devices

Esaote MyLab X9

MyLab™X9: Opening infinite horizons
Powerful and innovative, MyLab™X9 is the new Esaote X ULTRA™platform embedding state-of-the-art technologies with top level image quality and exploring infinite horizons in ultrasound imaging.

Artificial Intelligence combined with insightful workflow and multimodality comprehensive connectivity drive the radiologist towards new diagnostic frontiers.

Intelligent architecture, Italian design and premium ergonomics elevate everyday clinical experience as never before.


Infinite horizons in innovation

When research is oriented towards the evolution of products and solutions for the continuous improvement of diagnosis in terms of imaging and workflow, when research is focused on expanding technological potential, and exploring unexplored horizons, the result is pure innovation.

Intelligent Architecture
Thanks to the new 64bits Intelligent Architecture and faster GPU computing capabilities*, new processing techniques provide multitasking operations to maximize efficiency in all working conditions.

Active Technology
Embedded-core Active Technology combined with IQProbes deliver smart focalization and color quantification processing to reach unprecedented performance.

* vs previous product line


smART Processing
State-of-the-art smART Processing with Empowered New Generation XView, MView, and eSpeed ultrasound velocity setting, enhance image quality for immediate diagnosis.

Insightful Workflow
Insightful Workflow: eScan, eDoppler, AutoOB, and Zero-click technologies allow to elevate clinical experience. Focus more on patients and less on parameters with the exclusive easyMode and easyColor intuitive finger-touch image optimization and intelligent algorithms.

Infinite horizons in image quality

The high-quality Barco Eonis display presents sharp, bright images with high contrast and a wide viewing angle. Eonis uses the latest in advancements in LED backlight technology, ensuring a higher brightness that can be maintained over a longer period of time.
The display’s unique front consistency sensor ensures fast power-up and continuous luminance stability.
Extend the horizons with Full screen capability and Extended Field of View modality.

Active technology iQProbe with appleprobe stressless ergonomic experience, high sensitivity matching layers, thermal efficiency, and Single Crystal Technology provide optimal spatial and contrast resolution to achieve top level image quality.

Infinite horizons in connectivity and multimodality
eStreaming technology allows real-time streaming of ultrasound exams together with picture-in-picture Camera on tablet, phone or laptop, opening a new era in connectivity.

Multimodality Archive as the key-point for effective patient follow-up:

  • Full DICOM connectivity including Q/R
  • MyLab™Desk evo
  • MyLab™Tablet


BL433, C1-8, C2-9, E-3-12, IH-6-18, IL4-13, IOT342, L3-11, L4-15, L8-24, LP4-13, mC3-11, P2-5-13, P2-9, PX1-5, SB2C41, SB3123, SI2C41,SL2325, SL3116, ST2612, TLC-3-13

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