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Esaote MyLab X6

Esaote MyLab™X6 Ultrasound imaging beyond flexibility

Esaote’s new MyLab™X6 makes your workflow so efficient and smooth, it does not only increase productivity, but it also empowers your clinical performances. Take advantage of the 21.5” HD IPS technology LED monitor to get outstanding image quality and an unparalleled degree of details from your scans. Fast response and easy interface usage also adapt flawlessly to all of your clinical needs, giving your assessments comfort and flexibility.


Large sample portfolio
Transducers are the core of Ultrasound technology. Integrating physics, electronics and geometrics in their design is the greatest engineering challenge of the Signal Processing Chain.

Transducers are the primary component of a Signal Processing Chain, the system that leads to the final diagnostic image.

Although a great deal of time has been spent on the optimization of scan converters, post-processing algorithms, and sophisticated speckle-reduction technologies, ultrasound transducers remain a scanner’s primary interface between patient and user.

The design, material, and manufacturing technology of transducers are the main determinants of an ultrasound system’s image quality. Thanks to the innovation of gold standard ultrasound transducers, iQProbes offer state-of-the-art imaging.

Active matrix composite material

  • Single Crystal
  • Multiple adaptive layers
  • Bi-con geometric lens
  • apple sample design
  • Extensive use of applications with extended wideband convex, linear, phased array, volumetric, intraoperative and special transducer shapes.

Fast and easy

  • 21.5” LCD widescreen monitor
  • Zero click automation
  • Tailored configuration
  • Large sample portfolio
  • Battery
  • Booting time less than 15 sec* from stand-by mode


Women’s health
The convex and endocavity probes provide excellent image quality for women’s health applications. The 3D convex probe can also be used for standard examinations.

MyLab™X6 is equipped with comprehensive cardiac and vascular configurations. It is a complete system for any cardiovascular ultrasound exam featuring customizable measurements and reporting.

General imaging
Esaote’s new MyLab™X6 covers all clinical needs, from abdominal to endocrinological applications, to establish a diagnosis and provide the best possible therapy and follow-up.


AC2541, CA430, E-3-12, IH-6-18, IL4-13, IOT342, L3-11, L4-15, LP4-13, LP323, mC3-11, P1-5, P2-5-13, P2-9, S2MPW, SB2C41, SB3123, SC3123,SE3133, SI2C41, SL2325, SL3116, SP2442, ST2612, ST2613, TLC-3-13

Clinical Images

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With a color Doppler ultrasound device, your practice is optimally equipped for the requirements of your specialty. For care or examination within pregnancy, we offer special sonography equipment in high-resolution 3D/4D graphics. This provides additional diagnostic confidence and, most importantly, ensures that your practice is innovative and up-to-date when it comes to ultrasound examinations. If you want to buy a Doppler ultrasound scanner, our experienced experts will search out suitable sonography devices according to your specifications. Thanks to our expertise, you will get suitable suggestions that are optimally aligned to your needs of sonography in your practice rooms. Whether it’s a handheld or portable ultrasound unit, get high-quality systems for Doppler ultrasound at CAmed Medical Systems. We offer these devices in all common price and performance classes and work together with all renowned manufacturers.