Patient monitors

EDAN X-Series X12/X10/X8


Be extra smart, be extra refined

X Series X12/X10/X8
Compact Patient Monitors

Build your confidence on cares
Based on its expandability of monitoring parameters, and stunning ultra-slim design, the X series fulfills
your primary clinical requirements in various scenarios, including Emergency Rooms, General Wards,
Rehabilitation Department, Cardiac Units, and In-hospital Transfer, covering all patient types, realizing
from neonatal to adult monitoring.

Touch Operation
High resolution touch screen and intuitve shortcut menu boosts your working efficiency

Low Powerer
Battery duration up to 8 hours
No-fan design

Streamlined Design
Thinnest Spot: 7,6cm

Make it Smarter
In certain emergent cases which you’d need a quick ECG placement without all leads, the X series can understand you better and will only pick up the ECG leads you placed. An unique 6-lead system with automatic chest lead indentification is also introduced, making cardiac monitoring more flexible. iSEAPTM ECG monitoring algorithm with 33 types of arrhythmia detections. SEMIP® ECG diagnosis algorithm with 208 findings.

Make it Superior
EDAN G2 CO2 technology is employed in the X series. This proprietary technology combines an exquisite water trap and a state-of-the-art algorithm iCARBTM, eliminating both moisture and pseudo waves, presenting accurate and immediate readings on a minimal sampling rate.

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