Color Doppler Ultrasound Devices



Delicate design with advanced workflow makes your life simple.


Dedicated features for better healthcare:
4D, quantitative elastography, auto follicle detection, auto IMT, smart HIP, Super needle.

Wide variety of transducers for different applications:
18mhz high frequency linear, 210° transvaginal probe, lighter 4D probe transducers, wider linear probe.

Simplified workflow for daily practice:
Intelligent doppler, intelligent focus, dual screen mode, raw data.

Advanced technologies:
Q-image, FHI, x-contrast, Q-flow, Q-beam.


Intelligent Focus

  • Automatically detect the focus position according to the depth
  • Focus on the interesting area to improve the quality
  • Efficient and intelligent

Raw data

  • Adjust the parameters after freeze
  • Speedy the scanning time, save the processing time
  • Efficient and fast

Wide angle TV sample

  • Up to 210° extremely wide angle
  • Provide more diagnostic information
  • Save time, improve the efficiency

Smart volume slice

  • Cut the 3D volume to different slice observe it thoroughly in tomographic view
  • Specialized for deep diagnosis, such as inside clef lip


HD Niche

  • Showing three orthogonal plane images (sagittal, axial, coronal view) in 3-dimensional space.
  • As user can observe sagittal, axial and coronal view of a target object by moving the three orthogonal plane’s crossing point, it helps user to better understand the internal shape and structure of the target object.


  • Use a graph for hip orthotics diagnosis, help the doctor to give a more easier and more accurate diagnosis during the pediatric hip scanning
  • Different angles indicate different levels of hip deformity, which is more easier and obvious to see with the aid of the graph. (I, II, D, IIIa, IIIb)

HD CZoom

  • Zoom the color information, remain the high resolution
  • Important for the small vessel blood information detection, especially for the fetal heart diagnosis

Virtual Convex

  • Enlarge the scan area in convex probe , same as convex trapezoid
  • Better for the big organ display, especially liver, kidney through the rib space


D3C20L, D3C60L, D3P64L, D5P64L, D6C12L, D6C15L, D7C10L, D7C40L, D12C40L, V4C40L, D3C20L, D3C60L

Clincal Images

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With a color Doppler ultrasound device, your practice is optimally equipped for the requirements of your specialty. For care or examination within pregnancy, we offer special sonography equipment in high-resolution 3D/4D graphics. This provides additional diagnostic confidence and, most importantly, ensures that your practice is innovative and up-to-date when it comes to ultrasound examinations. If you want to buy a Doppler ultrasound scanner, our experienced experts will search out suitable sonography devices according to your specifications. Thanks to our expertise, you will get suitable suggestions that are optimally aligned to your needs of sonography in your practice rooms. Whether it’s a handheld or portable ultrasound unit, get high-quality systems for Doppler ultrasound at CAmed Medical Systems. We offer these devices in all common price and performance classes and work together with all renowned manufacturers.