physical therapy used

On our side physical therapy used you can find our preowned  products of HF-diathermy, electrotherapy, suction waves and ultrasound therapy of different manufacturer. The CAmed Medical Systems corporation offers you also the complete service and reparation for all units of the product group physical therapy. You can feel certain that our used systems are in very good conditions. All of our used systems are tested on-site, STK proved and of course we grant you at least a 6-months warranty.
Please feel free to contact us so we can help you in selecting the appropriate device for you.

HF diathermy used

Bosch Radarmed 12 S 150
complete refurbished with big radiator

used microwave therapy unit
available with cup-shaped emitter T or focussing emitter F

Bosch Radarmed, Type: 12 S 253
complete refurbished with big radiator

used microwave therapy unit with focussing emitter
The Radarmed 12 S 55 Microwave Therapy Appliance operates on a wavelength of 12 cm. The intensity can be adjusted steplessly up to 55 watts, and is shown on a meter to assist the operator.

Siemens Radiotherm 806
refurbished system

electrotherapy, suction waves and ultrasoundtherapy used

used / refurbished stimulation current therapy unit Siemens DUODYNATOR 829
The Siemens DUODYNATOR 829 is a stimulation current therapy unit with double circuit interference current, electrogymnastic current and galvanic current.

used / refurbished combination therapy unit
The Siemens SONODYNATOR 834 combination therapy with electrical stimulus current and ultrasound combines the analgesic and hyperemic effect of the electrical stimulus with the mechanical and thermic effects of ultrasound.

used / refurbished stimulation current therapy unit
The STEREODYNATOR 828 uses this three-dimensional interference method for Pain therapy with interference;
Muscle toning and detoning;
Galvanization and iontophorese

used / refurbished stimulation current therapy unit Siemens Therapieneuroton 827
Universal electrical stimulus device which can be used for electro-diagnostics and -therapy.

Used TUR sonotur 430 ultrasound therapy unit with one ultrasoundprobe 4cm² from trade-in.
YOM 2012
The device was refurbished visually and technically. The delivery includes a current STK and a user manual.
You get a warranty of 6 months.

The sonotur 430 is a universal ultrasonic therapy unit of small, user-friendly design particularly suitable for mobile ambulant as well as hospital applications.