physical therapy

On our side physical therapy you can find our new products for HF-diathermy, electrotherapy, suction waves and ultrasound therapy of different manufacturer. The CAmed Medical Systems Corporation offers you also the complete service and reparation for all units of the product group physical therapy. 

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HF diathermy

GBO Radiotherm® 1006
The microwave device for radiation thermotherapy.
The RADIOTHERM® 1006 generates constant and pulsed microwave energy for thermal and non-thermal applications.
Providing relief to the subcutaneous fat tissue, microwave radiation offers beneficial effects for muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints:

GBO Ultratherm® 1008
The new standard in short-wave therapy.
The ULTRATHERM® 1008 short-wave therapy unit sets new standards for its class. It still employs the ideal energy source, a high-performance vacuum tube, which allows both the capacitor (condensor field) and the coil (induction field) techniques to be used.

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thermatur 200+ is a versatile shortwave unit with an automatic tuning function, suitable for continuous and pulsed therapy. The shortwave therapy ensures a deep but comfortable heat radiation.
The specially designed microprocessor controls the different parameters such as intensity, continuous and pulsed mode, treatment time as well as the patient safety system. Additional features are:

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With the variety of different radiators, the microwave treatment offers a diverse field of applications. The produced heat can be reduced by increasing the distance between the radiator and the treatment site.
The microwave radiation can be focused and is therefore excellently applicable for treating locally specific body parts. Thus, it is particularly suitable for the otolaryngology, dental and orthodontic medicine. For these fields microwave is preferred over shortwave.

electrotherapy and suction waves

One Touch to Start
The new Duodynator® by gbo Medizintechnik AG has a large spectrum of therapies. At the same time the user interface is so clear, that it offers a maximum level of usability. With one single touch the user can select a therapy from his personal list of favorites.

GBO Stereodynator®
The top of the line therapy device with patented
three-dimensional interferential current.
This comfort therapy unit is the new benchmark in Electro Therapy. The unit works with a three-dimensional interference current generated through the superposition of three middle-frequency currents. It can be used as an Electro Therapy device, ultrasound therapeutic device and for the combination of electrical stimulus current with ultrasound. The stimulating lower frequencies are already generated through interference of two phase shifted circuits in the area being stimulated. The additional third electrical circuit generates, as opposed to classical interference methods on one side a slower change in intensity and on the other side a rhythmic shifting of the interference field. These dynamics of the area being stimulated and the intensity decrease the habituation effect and therefore improve the therapeutic effect.

The all-rounder for therapeutic convenience: Electrical stimulation therapy, Ultrasound therapy and Combination therapy Experience the ability to combine leading edge technology and ease of use. Discover the variety of clinical and therapeutic applications and satisfy your patient with professionalism.

The innovative equipment for electro therapy: 2 galvanically separate channels, more than 25 types of current available.
The innovative product line 2008 is a result of an extensive research and development program of which stimutur 701 is the current stimulation device with two electrically isolated channels and more than 25 available waveforms.


GBO Sonostat® 133
The low-cost starter unit for Ultrasonic Therapy
The SONOSTAT® 133 with its different frequencies (1 and 3 MHz) and easy handling is the ideal start into Ultrasonic Therapy.

GBO Sonostat® touch
The versatile and powerful ultrasonic therapy
The modern high-tech design with a brushed aluminium surface and the 10” TFT LCD full colour touch-screen monitor are significant quality characteristics of the new Sonostat®.

Ultrasound with enhanced prospective: Pain treatment, Post-traumatic disorders, Circulatory and skin disorders and Peripheral nerve disorders
Sonotur 701 aims for medical and therapeutic personal with a high demand of comfort and flexibility.

TUR sonotur lite is a universal ultrasonic therapy unit of small, user-friendly design particularly suitable for mobile ambulant, as well as hospital applications.
All operation and control elements are clearly arranged on the colour touch screen. Two different ultrasound heads designed for easy and ergonomic handling are provided for various applications.