GE ultrasound probes

On this page you'll find our offers for ultrasound probes for your GE ultrasound devices.

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Model Type For device Condition
3C Convex Logiq 3,
Logiq 5
3S Phased Array Vivid 3,
Vivid 4,
Vivid 5
iC5-9H Endovaginal Voluson 730 Pro V used
LH7.5 Linear Logiq Pro 200 used
RAB2-5 Convex Voluson 730 Pro V demo
SP6-12 Linear Voluson 730 Pro V used
4D3C-L Volume 4D Voluson P6 used
11L Linear Logiq P6,
Voluson P6
E8CS Endovaginal Logiq P6,
Voluson P6
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