Esaote ultrasound devices

Here you can find high-performance and high-quality ultrasound systems from Esaote. Select the details of an ultrasound machine to get more information.
Of course, we will help you with the right system, probes and option selection. Please feel free to contact us by email or by phone.

Esaote MyLab™Omega: Confidence Straightaway
MyLab™Omega is a high-end, portable, multidisciplinary ultrasound unit with an innovative and ergonomic design. It delivers the highest level of performance possible for any application.
It offers extreme agility thanks to its onboard dual connector (4 with additional trolley multi-connector adapter), and extremely flexible with unique built-in touch screen ...

Esaote MyLab™Sigma: Efficiency Straightaway

MyLab™Sigma is the latest generation portable ultrasound. It is a smart, portable, multidisciplinary ultrasound unit that allows you to bring ultrasound to where it is needed for a quick and complete diagnosis.

Esaote MyLab™X5 Ultrasound Imaging Beyond Ease
With Esaote’s new MyLab™X5, has become so smart and simple, you will no longer need to worry about time-consuming adjustments. Designed with unique ergonomics, the MyLab™X5 brings you total user comfort and usability that is tailored to every clinical need - all enabled through its swift responsiveness and its friendly interface. Zero-click automations help you speed up your assessments and the enhanced image ...

Esaote MyLab™X6 Ultrasound imaging beyond flexibility
Esaote’s new MyLab™X6 makes your workflow so efficient and smooth, it does not only increase productivity, but it also empowers your clinical performances. Take advantage of the 21.5” HD IPS technology LED monitor to get outstanding image quality and an unparalleled degree of details from your scans. Fast response and easy interface usage also adapt flawlessly to all of your clinical needs ...

Esaote MyLab™X7 Ultrasound Imaging Beyond Efficiency
Esaote’s new MyLab™X7 technology allows you to make better, faster, and more reliable decisions thanks to extremely intuitive usability and ergonomics that meets every need. Take advantage of a resilient, green and movable system with outstanding image quality, optimally simple interface usage, and significantly faster outputs thanks to the zero-click automation functions. Details can be seen as never before with the IPS technology LED ...

MyLab™X75: Enhancing the experience
Powered by the latest Esaote technology, MyLab™X75 offers ultrasound images with extraordinary clarity. The details representation and scanning fluidity guarantee excellent quality of examinations across all applications in General Imaging, Cardiovascular, Women’s Health, and Shared Service.
MyLab™X75 allows optimal patient care while increasing daily productivity via automatic optimization tools.

MyLab X8 Platform: Limitless Ultrasound Imaging
MyLab X8 Platform represents an outstanding source of innovation and technology, designed to accelerate your workflow. MyLab X8 Platform offers: an LCD monitor with the latest technology, a smart stand-by function and a fast boot time, Windows 10 O.S., zero-click automation functions, and cutting-edge ergonomics.