Esaote MyLab X8

Esaote MyLab X8
MyLab™X8 Platform: Limitless Ultrasound Imaging

MyLab™X8 Platform represents an outstanding source of innovation and technology, designed to accelerate your workflow. MyLab™X8 Platform offers: an LCD monitor with the latest technology, a smart stand-by function and a fast boot time, Windows® 10 O.S., zero-click automation functions, and cutting-edge ergonomics.

Achieve infinite results with its highly intuitive user interface and advanced clinical tools, tailored to suit your needs. The MyLab™X8 and MyLab™X8 eXP ultrasound systems set a standard of high performance, offering a brand new ultrasound experience.
Cutting-edge Integrated Technologies
MyLab™X8 Platform integrates the latest technologies, delivering a high level of image quality without compromising workflow or efficiency.

  • LCD monitor with the latest technology, ensuring the best enhancement of the details and a full-screen mode.
  • Up to 5 transducer connectors enabling fast probe switch to adapt to the most demanding clinical environments.
  • Widescreen multi-function tablet-like touchscreen for uncompromising ease of use.
  • Fast system boot time from standby, for effective performance at the point of care.
  • Zero-click automation functions provide very fast interface usage and simplify complex procedures in different applications.
  • “One touch” image optimization through intelligent real-time algorithms.
  • Battery on board* to enable an autonomous cartbase. *optional

Ergonomics and Comfort without Compromise

Based on a decade of experience, MyLab™X8 Platform delivers outstanding ergonomics and comfort in daily practice. With creative solutions for both hardware and software, clinicians are provided with innovative tools.

  • Simplified control panel
  • Large touchscreen with tablet gesture for displaying recorded images
  • 21" monitor to provide further images increasing the value of the system
  • Smart automation functions like e Doppler and e Scan to increase the examination time efficiency
Limitless Mobility

MyLab™X8 Platform is designed to adapt to all situations.

  • Battery*
  • Fast boot time
  • Easy plug and play
  • Light and compact
  • Easy to move with smart cable management
  • Real stand-up position
easyMode* & easyColor*
40+ imaging optimization parameters adjusted in 3 swipes.


Esaote has completely reinvented ultrasound exam optimization.
easyModeasyMode and asyColor adapt and respond to user needs. So physicians and sonographers no longer need to struggle with the system technology and its processes.

Unique technology to simplify the ultrasound image optimization:
  • Improved diagnostic confidence Higher productivity
  • Reduced work-related musculoskeletal disorders for operators
  • Reduced number of image controls
*patent pending
Large Probe Portfolio
Esaote iQProbes meet gold quality standards, offering state-of-the-art technology for a large range of applications:

  • Superb imaging outcome
  • Lightweight, appleprobe ergonomics
  • Reduced musculoskeletal strain of up to 70%
  • Increased confidence

Extended Connectivity
  • IHE compliance
  • Wireless connectivity
  • MyLab™Desk evo
  • Multi-modality archives
  • MyLab™Tablet
  • MyLabRemote
  • eDopplerStreaming
Broad connectivity options

In a fast-changing world, when the value of information is increased by the possibility of sharing it, the highest level of clinical data management must be available to meet today’s medical needs. The worldwide medical imaging community has entered a new era of communications opportunities.
Based on Windows® 10, these developments enable imaging professionals to reach diagnoses more effectively and efficiently.

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