Esaote MyLab X75

Esaote MyLab X75
MyLab™X75: Enhancing the experience
Powered by the latest Esaote technology, MyLab™X75 offers ultrasound images with extraordinary clarity. The details representation and scanning fluidity guarantee excellent quality of examinations across all applications in General Imaging, Cardiovascular, Women’s Health, and Shared Service.

MyLab™X75 allows optimal patient care while increasing daily productivity via automatic optimization tools.
Designed with smart ergonomics to be light and silent, MyLab™X75 brings comfort to patients and operators in every clinical setting.
Benefit from the advanced technologies provided by MyLab™X75 while maximizing investment and productivity.

Enhancing the comfort every day

Light and Agile Workstation
MyLab™X75 is a powerful ultrasound system specially designed by Esaote engineers to be suitable for any clinical environment. It is light and compact to be easily moved anywhere with an integrated long-life battery.

Ergonomic and Silent
For over 40 years, Esaote has been constantly focusing on its customers’ needs. MyLab™X75 was designed to improve patient and operator comfort.
An intelligent control panel layout and smart ergonomics contribute to reducing work-related musculoskeletal disorders. The impressively silent operational workflow helps to create a quiet work environment.

Productive and Eco-Friendly
MyLab™X75 hardware and software are conceived to optimize examination times making it a really productive platform.
The system is manufactured with a particular attention to the use of eco-friendly materials including the electronic elements to support Esaote's vision of a greener world.

Enhancing the productivity

Exclusive asyMode Solution
This patented Esaote tool helps to optimize images with 3 simple swipes. More than 40 parameters are managed via an intelligent software to reveal the expected image settings according to the scanning conditions.
Scan function allows to adjust the gain and the contrast of the image automatically.

Immediate Doppler Optimization
To take a step further in the scanning time reduction, MyLab™X75 supports the operator with specific tools for Doppler examinations. asyColor is an operational tool that helps optimize the Color Doppler layout with 3 swipes. The Doppler automatically adjusts Pulsed Wave parameters to reach an optimized Doppler trace.

Automated Advanced Functions
MyLab™X75 can boost automated advanced functions and diagnostic capabilities in all applications:

QElaxto 2D and QPack in General Imaging
AutoEF, XStrain 2D/4D, QIMT, and QAS in Cardiovascular Imaging
AutoOB, AutoNT, and AutoIT in Women’s Health Imaging
Direct Access to Presets
Thanks to dedicated presets, the operator is able to immediately start the examinations by getting the best clinical setting for each application. Short-cuts on the touchscreen with direct probe selection are also available.

Enhancing the connectivity capability

Telemedecine Capability
MyLab™X75 has been equipped with innovative connectivity tools to support remote connection and image sharing to meet today’s challenges.

Follow-up compares any second-modality DICOM images in real-time
MyLab<sup>™</sup>X75Streaming safely shares real-time scanning activities with selected viewers
MyLab™Tablet exports the full dataset to any tablet device following the examination
MyLab™Desk enables the review of previous examinations
Lung web application is available as an external tool developed by Trento University (Italy) based on A.I. features to support clinicians in their scoring process

Contamination Reduction
MyLabRemote exclusive function is the perfect tool to limit any physical contact with the ultrasound device through the duplication of the control panel on various mobile devices.

Customer Care
Remote Technical Support
MyLab™X75 has been designed to provide an optimal user experience through remote assistance, console control sharing, and remote training, to quickly and effectively meet any request.

Probes Coverage
SSerenity programrenity program provides coverage for all standard probes with no annual limits.

On-site Corrective Maintenance
SSerenity programrenity program provides On-Site Corrective Maintenance that includes labor and necessary spare parts to repair the system.

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