CHISON QBit 5 Matrix

CHISON QBit 5 Matrix
CHISON QBit 5 redefines the console color doppler system.

  • 15-inch high resolution LED monitor
  • 2 probe connectors (standard), 6 USB ports
  • Breakthrough new technologies: FHI, X-contrast, Q-flow, Q-beam, Q-image
  • CW, TDI, Color M mode, ECG
  • 2D steer, B/BC, Super Needle
  • Auto IMT
  • HIP Graf

The Chison QBit 5 Color Doppler System The QBit allows one-touch user-adjusted contrast resolution based upon differences in tissue density. Enhance, Normal, and Suppress settings increase or decrease contrast resolution, based on the tissue type and user preference.

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