On this page you will find CTG (Cardiotokograph) Equipment and fetal monitors. The compact and lightweight monitors are specifically designed for moving situation and they cover the entire continuum of Antepartum, Intrapartum and Postpartum applications for medical office and hospital. They provide you with all the information needed for fast, accurate and cost-effective clinical assessments.

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F3 Fetal Monitor, with its brand new design, crisp color screen and enhanced functionality, addresses the needs of obstetrical departments in offices, clinics and hospitals.
F3 offers an extensive set of external fetal care monitoring parameters such as FHR, TOCO as well as fetal movement.
For 1700 € plus VAT (single function) or 1900 € plus VAT (twins function)

Large foldable color TFT-LCD screen, Display waveforms and numeric simultaneously, Great waveform storage and playback, Highly sensitive waterproof FHR transducer...
Signals Overlap Verification to separate twins FHR